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Jun 2003 EKG
Nov 2000 EKG
Nov 1998 EKG
Apr 1997 EKG


I received in the mail today from my heart specialist, Dr. Au, a printout of my EKG, on the printout he wrote:


I now have stunning proof of how well the Tower Products combined with Unique E brand vitamin E works.

Also received Summary of My visit 6/16/03

Blood pressure 116/62

Pulse 70 / minute

weight 152 lbs (I have lost 10 lbs since my heart attack by diet and exercise.)

Note: Keep up the good work. You are a great patient and taking truly great care of yourself and may God bless your efforts.

Dr. Au

Carol Smith

Jun 2003 EKG

Nov 2000 EKG

Nov 1998 EKG

Apr 1997 EKG

P.S. Could you send me some information on signing up to be a Distributor. I know at least 4 people interested in trying the HT after sharing my testamonial with them. I love helping people and really believe in what can be accomplished by using the Tower Heart Technology products and Unique E. I would like to find a way to reach out and share with more people.

Thank you


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